Ways To Help Seniors With Alzheimer’s Live At Home

If your mom or dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s one of the many questions that you probably have is whether or not they can continue living in their home. For most seniors, the answer is yes, they can live at home if they have Alzheimer’s care at home.

Alzheimer's Care Everett MA - Ways To Help Seniors With Alzheimer’s Live At Home
Alzheimer’s Care Everett MA – Ways To Help Seniors With Alzheimer’s Live At Home

Alzheimer’s care at home is specialized care created just for seniors who have Alzheimer’s. The caregivers who provide Alzheimer’s care understand how Alzheimer’s affects seniors and what seniors need as the disease progresses.

If you can’t be a full-time caregiver for your mom or dad or if you are caring for them now but need to go back to work Alzheimer’s care can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your mom or dad is safe and cared for at home.

In addition to this specialized care, some things that will help your mom or dad be comfortable and safe living in their own home as they age are:

Home Modifications

While in most cases seniors with Alzheimer’s can be safe at home they may need some modifications made to keep them safe.

Putting locks on cabinet doors is one modification. Installing touch faucets that turn off automatically is another. And installing code locks on exterior doors that can only be opened with a numerical code is another.

An Alzheimer’s care specialist can help you figure out what home modifications will help your senior parent be safe at home.

Medication Management

Medication is important for seniors with Alzheimer’s, but it can also be dangerous. Having an Alzheimer’s care provider there to make sure that your parent takes their medication daily and on time will help them stay healthy. And it will ensure that your mom or dad doesn’t take too much or the wrong medications.

Routine and Structure

One of the best ways to help your mom or dad be comfortable at home is to give them routine and structure. Seniors with Alzheimer’s need routine and structure because it gives them a sense of safety and normalcy. Consistent Alzheimer’s care at home will give your senior parent the structure they need.


The supervision provided by a caregiver makes it possible for your mom or dad to continue living independently. Having someone in the home with them will reduce the risk that your mom or dad will fall, get into something dangerous, or have a medical emergency that they can’t handle.

Brain Boosting Activities

When your senior parent has Alzheimer’s time is something they can’t waste. Brain-boosting activities like listening to or playing music, playing board games or logic games, making art, doing crafts, or writing can help your mom or dad hang onto their cognitive processing skills longer.

It’s rare for adult children to have the time to devote to making sure their mom or dad is doing puzzles and activities daily. But a caregiver can give your mom or dad dedicated support to help them avoid cognitive loss as long as possible.

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