Six Ways Home Care Helps Your Mom During Shingles

Your mom has shingles. It’s not surprising as even with the vaccine, it’s possible to get the virus. She’s experiencing some nerve pain and finds it hard to keep up with household chores because of it. Could she use Home Care Assistance?


Home Care Assistance in in Medford MA: Shingles
Home Care Assistance in in Medford, MA: Shingles


Help With Housework

Until your mom is feeling better, her caregiver is there to vacuum the carpets, dust furnishings, and sweep the floors.  The caregiver can tidy up, take out the trash and recyclables, and make beds. Towels and dirty clothes go into the laundry to be washed, dried, and put away.

Bedding Changes

Your mom’s sheets need changing. Her caregiver can strip the sheets, put them in the washing machine, turn it on, and make her bed with clean sheets. If your mom likes to have pillows sprayed with lavender oil or another relaxing fragrance, her caregiver can do that for her.

Preparation of Meals and Snacks

Have a home care aide available to make meals and snacks for your mom. Her caregiver will talk to her about what she wants to eat, make a shopping list if she’s missing anything, and take her shopping if she wants to go.

Each day, the caregiver makes the meals and snacks your mom wants and makes sure she eats and drinks plenty of fluids. If your mom isn’t willing to get out of bed when the pain flares up, her caregiver can bring her a tray.

Once your mom has eaten. Her caregiver washes the dishes, runs the dishwasher, and puts clean dishes away. Counters, sinks, and faucets are cleaned and sanitized, too.


Your mom has a lot of errands to run, but she’s not able to. She can have her caregiver pick up a grocery order, prescription refills, and get her packages from the post office. Your mom’s caregiver can stop and pick them up on the way to your mom’s home each day.

Assistance With Bathing

Your mom can shower, but she needs someone to hold onto while she gets in and out of her tub. A caregiver is there to help support her when she’s getting in and out of the tub.

Care of Pets

Finally, your mom may not feel up to taking her dog outside or playing with her dog inside. Her caregiver can take the dog outside for bathroom breaks. If it wants to play, the caregiver can get some toys and play fetch or tug-of-war.

The caregiver could arrange to have a dog walker walk her dog for now. The caregiver is also there to feed the dog and make sure it has clean water.

Call a home care aide to take care of your mom while she’s recovering from shingles. If the pain is extreme, it could be weeks or even months before she feels like herself again. Make sure she has home care services to support her.


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