As Winter Comes to an End, Pay Attention to Some Unseen Hazards Seniors Face Outside Their Home

With winter finally winding down and spring moving in, it seems like the worst is behind us. Still, it’s important to remember that aging seniors face various challenges and safety hazards, both in the home and outside. Having Senior Home Care on hand to help out is a great idea to keep your mind at ease.

Let’s not allow our guard to be dropped too much when the spring air is warm, the birds are chirping, the tree frogs are croaking, and the leaves are beginning to sprout. Winter can still leave a mark on each of us.


Senior Home Care in Arlington MA: Senior Safety
Senior Home Care in Arlington MA: Senior Safety


What hazards does the spring still pose?

One of the most significant is ice.

During the overnight hours, just because the daytime highs are moving into the 50s, 60s, and 70s across much of the country doesn’t mean the temperatures can’t drop below freezing, especially overnight.

Frost and freeze warnings will still be possible especially in the northern region of the country. When that happens, any moisture that is on the sidewalks, steps, or even the driveway can freeze, causing black ice.

Not only that, though, leaves that are not picked up or blown off walkways can pose serious slip hazards as well. It doesn’t have to become icy under the leaves or even apparent elsewhere on the surface of the ground to be slick.

Make sure the elderly individual is paying close attention to whatever potential hazards like this exist once they step outside.


Another potential hazard are sticks.

We may not think much about sticks, twigs, or other tree debris that get blown around or knocked down from the limbs overhead, but for an aging senior whose physical capabilities have diminished, a simple twig can cause them to trip. They might not notice it or, thinking it to be completely harmless, go to step over it.

But what if it’s a twig with multiple offshoots? Maybe they step up with one leg but their other foot brushes against the stick, causing it to completely flip. That can cause them to catch their foot, lose their balance, and fall down.


Finally, we also need to remember that colder temperatures at night can pose a hazard to somebody of advancing years as his body might not be as strong to stay warm. Make sure the windows and doors can close and feel properly without too much effort.

Also, be certain the heating system is still operational for when it’s needed. And set the thermostat to go on automatically rather than turning off completely as the senior might forget it was off and wake up to a frigid house.


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