What Does Your Mom Need the Most After Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Other therapeutic measures to treat your mom’s carpal tunnel syndrome aren’t working. She has to have surgery. While the surgery itself isn’t very difficult, her recovery is expected to take weeks. In that time, she’s going to need a lot of help with daily routines. There is where senior home care services can help.

She’ll Go Home in a Splint

Senior Home Care Everett MA - What Does Your Mom Need the Most After Carpal Tunnel Surgery?
Senior Home Care Everett MA – What Does Your Mom Need the Most After Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Your mom’s wrist is going to be in a splint for around two weeks. During that time, she won’t be able to move her wrist. She can wiggle her fingers, but that’s about the extent of movement she’s allowed to do for now.

That means any household chores and daily activities have to be done with her good hand. If she’s right-handed and that’s the wrist that is affected, she’s going to struggle with a lot of her daily routine.

Senior Home Care Aides Cook Meals and Help With Shopping

Instead of risking her safety trying to lift a pot or casserole dish with her good wrist, your mom has a senior home care aide to cook meals for her. She also has company while she eats. If she needs another glass of water or milk, her caregiver gets it for her.

After the meal, your mom’s senior home care aide will wash the dishes, wipe the table, and put clean dishes away. If your mom has a dishwasher, her caregiver can load it, run the wash cycle, and put things away when they’re dry.

When your mom needs to shop for groceries, her caregiver takes her. It’s going to be a while before your mom’s wrist is strong enough to drive herself. Her caregiver can carry the bags, help her find the items she needs, and load the car.

Back at home, your mom’s caregiver carries items inside. If your mom wants help to put everything away, she has it.

Caregivers Keep Your Mom’s Home Clean

Your mom’s caregiver will wash dishes, wipe down counters, dust, sweep hardwood floors, and vacuum the carpeting. Caregivers can change their sheets, fluff pillows, and make the bed. Dirty laundry is gathered and carried to the laundry room.

Her caregiver will wash her clothing and linens, move them to the dryer, and put things away when they’re clean and dry. If your mom has items that need to be ironed or hung to air dry, her caregiver makes sure that happens.

Senior Home Care Aides Remind Her When Her Last Pain Medication Was Taken

For pain management, your mom’s surgeon likely recommends alternating doses of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. If she has a hard time remembering what she last took or when she took it, her caregiver can keep track of the medications for her.

Arrange to have caregivers help with post-hospital care. Until your mom is able to lift items and use that arm and hand, she needs help with housework, driving, shopping, and personal care. Talk to our senior home care agency to arrange post-hospital care.

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