Activities for Your Senior Who Is An Introvert

Although spending too much time alone can be unhealthy, many seniors who identify as introverts may love their alone time, and that’s okay. If your senior identifies as an introvert, they may like their space or prefer one-on-one conversation to group conversations, and they may shy away from large crowds. If this sounds like your senior, they may be introverted, and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean they should give up doing activities or finding things to do to stay busy; it just means you may have to help them find activities they can do alone! Having a senior home care aide may provide a way to help the find activities that they may do alone or with them.

Audiobooks for Seniors

Senior Home Care Cambridge MA - Activities for Your Senior Who Is An Introvert
Senior Home Care Cambridge MA – Activities for Your Senior Who Is An Introvert

Your senior may have grown up reading, but not all the books they want to read will come in large print form. So, if you can’t find the book they want in large print, help them set up an audio account to listen to any book they want. This is also a great way for them to enjoy a book while doing other things! They can walk in nature, paint, or garden while reading a new book. Audiobooks allow seniors to keep up with their favorite stories and authors and explore new topics from the comfort of their own homes.

Go to Smaller Social Groups Using Transportation by a Senior Home Care Aide

Your senior may not be comfortable attending massive events, but social interaction is crucial for a healthy life. Find a community center that offers small group activities. Find a hobby that your senior loves to do and have them join a group of four or five others. This may be water aerobics, senior yoga, or a group in the park that gets together. Whatever it is, ensure your senior is comfortable and has a way to get there. If they need help with transportation, consider hiring senior home care to help around the house and transport your senior to and from events.

Go to a Museum

When it’s cold outside or even too hot outside, a senior may not move around as much as they used to or feel like they have cabin fever. Going to a museum can get them to be active and allow them to learn new things while enjoying various galleries. Museums are great for seniors because they provide a stimulating and educational environment that can help keep minds active and engaged. Your local museums may also host fun free events, workshops, and lectures your seniors may find interesting.

Painting Something New

Not all seniors know what to paint or how to paint. However, there are two options that may be good solutions for them. First, senior home care can help a senior set up a YouTube tutorial or step-by-step video on how to paint a certain scene or painting techniques a senior can use. The next option is to purchase paint by numbers for your senior to enjoy. Make sure you pick a paint number that’s large enough for them to see, or buy them a magnifying glass. This is a painting activity that is already an image for your senior. It has small sections, each numbered, and there are paints with numbers corresponding to each section of the overall picture. Once it’s all painted, the picture will be seen clearly. It can be a fun way to spend the day!

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