Senior Health: Watch for Heat Stroke

Company News: Heat Stroke
Company News: Heat Stroke

Senior Health: Signs include:

⦁ Fainting (possibly the first sign) or becoming unconscious
⦁ A change in behavior—confusion, agitation, staggering, being grouchy, or acting strangely
⦁ Body temperature over 104°F (40°C)
⦁ Dry, flushed skin and a strong, rapid pulse or a slow, weak pulse
⦁ Not sweating even if it is hot

Prevention of Heat Stroke:

⦁ Drink, Drink, Drink unless otherwise instructed by your physician
⦁ AVOID Alcohol and caffeine
⦁ Stay in a COOL place
⦁ Outdoor activities should be done EARLY in the day
⦁ CHECK on your Neighbor
⦁ DRESS for the weather, cotton fabrics breathe
⦁ AVOID crowds

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