Senior Health: Tips for Helping Your Mom Stick to Her New Dietary Goals

Senior Health: According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 17 percent of adults are on a special diet.

People over the age of 60 are more likely to be on a special diet. Some popular ones are low-sodium or low-sugar diets to manage chronic health issues or diets for weight loss. Senior health should be a priority for you and your senior.


Senior Health: Diet
Senior Health: Diet


Perhaps your mom is doing the DASH diet after her doctor recommends it for her high blood pressure. Maybe she has diabetes and is having to monitor her sugar and carb intake carefully. In the long term, it can be hard to keep up with dietary changes. No matter what diet she’s following, you need to help her stick to those goals.

Look Into Diet Tracking Apps

There are many apps on the market that can help your mom stay on track. Apps allow her to track the foods she’s eating, get a handle on correct portions, and let her know if she’s eating the right balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbs. It makes it easier to see where she’s slipping and what she needs to boost to get the dietary balance she needs.

Some apps also allow you to switch the type of diet being followed. She can set it to Mediterranean Diet and get recipes and meal plans to use each day.

Encourage Her to Keep Going

Your mom needs a lot of encouragement. There may be days where she’s ready to give up. Make sure you’re cheering her on. Let her know how proud you are of her. If she feels encouraged, she’ll have that boost of pride needed to keep going.

Join Her

Sometimes, it’s easier to follow a new dietary plan if others join you. If your mom’s diet is cutting added sugar, saturated fat, and sodium, that’s a diet that’s also beneficial for you. Join her in her new dietary goals.

You can explore different menus and recipes together. Your mom is not going to have to watch you eating foods she wishes she could have. She won’t feel so alone, making it easier to embrace the changes.

Senior Health: Look Into the Benefits of In-Home Care

Have you considered hiring caregivers to offer in-home care services which can help with senior health? If your mom has a companion to take her grocery shopping, she may find it easier to make the right choices. She has someone else to help her navigate the nutrition labels on foods she needs to purchase. Call a home care agency and ask about in-home care today.



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