Five Tips for Making Getting Dressed Easier for Everyone

Now that your mom needs help getting dressed, you’re finding it hard to get her ready in a timely manner. Something that should only take a few minutes is taking hours. You tend to give up after struggling with her. Did you know that there are ways to make getting dressed a little easier to manage?


Senior Care in Waltham MA: Making Getting Dressed Easier
Senior Care in Waltham MA: Making Getting Dressed Easier


Set Out Clothing the Night Before

Set out all clothing the night before. It saves time and makes sure your mom has everything she needs. If it’s been a busy week, you don’t want to have her wet from a shower and find out she doesn’t have any clean underwear.


Avoid Buttons and Zippers

Avoid clothing that has buttons and zippers. Zippers are slightly better, but if the zipper sticks, it becomes frustrating. Buttons take time and have to be lined up properly. Plus, an urgent bathroom trip can lead to an accident if there are too many buttons to undo.

Instead, look for things that have ties or velcro. Pullovers are even better. Pull-on pants like yoga pants are easier to put on than jeans. Cardigans with a tie are better than a hooded sweatshirt.


Have Loose Clothing With a Wide Neckline

Choose shirts that have a wide neckline. The narrow hole on a turtleneck can be uncomfortable as it slips over the head. A cowl neckline will be easier for your mom. V-necks are also easier to pull over the head.

Look at clothing that has shoulder slits and velcro. Once the shirt is pulled over the head, secure the velcro strip to seal the slit and keep your mom from feeling too cold.


Explain What Step is Next

While you’re helping your mom get dressed, talk her through each step. Don’t just pull a shirt over her head suddenly. Make sure you give her a warning. As you get the shirt ready to put on, tell her you’re going to be placing it over her head.

Hold each armhole steady and ask her to slip her arm into the sleeve. Repeat the process with the next sleeve. If she starts to fuss, stop for a minute. Don’t force her to keep going if she’s uncomfortable and becoming frustrated.


Hire Home Care Aides to Keep Her From Feeling Awkward

Have you considered hiring home care aides to help with dressing? Your mom’s stubborn streak may happen because she doesn’t like you seeing her unable to do something she sees as simple.

It’s awkward for her to have her child helping her get dressed. Have home care aides help her and dressing can be a less stressful, easy-to-manage task.


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