Types Of Exercises That Help Seniors Keep Their Mobility

Physical therapy service is something that seniors need after they have a hospital stay or after they experience a fall. But seniors don’t have to wait until they are sick or injured to start physical therapy. Starting physical therapy now can help seniors avoid injury and hang onto their mobility longer. Physical therapy can be done at home so that seniors who have difficulty getting to appointments can get the benefits of physical therapy.

Some of the different types of exercises that seniors do as part of physical therapy include:

Flexibility Exercises

Physical Therapy Melrose MA - Types Of Exercises That Help Seniors Keep Their Mobility
Physical Therapy Melrose MA – Types Of Exercises That Help Seniors Keep Their Mobility

Exercises focusing on flexibility will help seniors maintain their ability to move their bodies and adjust to different conditions. Seniors must stay flexible to negotiate steps and stairs, walk on different kinds of surfaces, and keep the ability to use their muscles. Flexibility exercises can help seniors avoid stiffness and sore muscles. They can help seniors retain the ability to do more types of exercise so that seniors who like to go to the gym or do workout classes will be able to do those workouts without hurting themselves.

Core Exercises

Having a strong core is essential for seniors. Without a strong core, seniors won’t be able to sit up, stand up out of a chair or out of bed, or keep themselves upright. As seniors get older their core muscles can get very weak. Sometimes seniors even end up having trouble breathing because they can’t hold their chests up high because of weak core muscles. Walking and other aerobic exercise can help strengthen the core, but the targeted exercises done in physical therapy can be tailored to the needs of individual seniors. A physical therapist can create a personalized core workout for seniors that will incorporate all of the muscles that the senior needs the most help with. When seniors have a strong core they are more likely to recover faster from injuries or falls.

Knee And Hip Exercises

Knee and hip exercises help seniors maintain their muscle strength and open up the knee and hip joints to make movement easier. Seniors who are sedentary often experience stiff muscles and joints that can make walking and movement difficult. When a physical therapist works with a senior by doing exercises that will strengthen those joints they are helping the seniors keep their mobility.

Balance Exercises

Balance is essential for seniors. When seniors don’t have good balance they can fall and get hurt. There are a lot of things that affect a senior’s balance like some medical conditions and even some medications. However, seniors can work on their balance in a series of exercises done in physical therapy that will help them maintain their ability to balance. When seniors go through physical therapy and do these kinds of exercises they have a much better chance of staying mobile, healthy, and able to continue to age in place in their family home if they want to.

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