How Seniors Can Avoid Catching Illnesses In Spring And Summer

Even though the cold weather has gone seniors are still at risk when it comes to getting sick. Unfortunately, germs don’t entirely disappear when the weather gets warmer. And because seniors tend to get out more and spend more time with family and friends during the warmer months they are still susceptible to becoming ill. But there are some things that seniors and their in-home care aides can do even during the spring and summer to protect themselves from catching COVID-19 and other illnesses.

The best things for seniors to do to avoid getting sick are:

Wash Hands Frequently

In-Home Care Woburn MA - How Seniors Can Avoid Catching Illnesses In Spring And Summer
In-Home Care Woburn MA – How Seniors Can Avoid Catching Illnesses In Spring And Summer

The best thing that seniors can do to avoid illness is to wash their hands frequently, especially if they are out in public or at a party. If seniors can’t wash their hands or are worried about drying out their skin they can use hand sanitizer until they can get home and wash their hands. Seniors that have in-home care can get help washing their hands from an in-home care provider if they need it. Anyone who comes into a senior’s home should wash their hands frequently too in order to avoid passing germs.

Wear A Mask Indoors

If seniors are going to be at crowded indoor events it’s a good idea for them to wear a mask unless they are eating or drinking. Seniors who are attending graduation ceremonies, going to graduation parties at restaurants, or attending Mother’s/Father’s Day brunch in a restaurant should mask if the place is crowded to help them avoid catching any viruses. Seniors that don’t want to wear masks when they are going to an indoor event should try to stay as far away from people as possible and don’t hug or shake hands.

Try To Attend Only Outdoor Gatherings

The weather is getting nice again so seniors should try to attend only outdoor gatherings to protect themselves from any airborne germs. When seniors attend outdoor events they have a much lower chance of getting close enough to someone else to get sick, and being outdoors helps slow down the transmission of any viruses or germs that can make seniors sick. Seniors who attend outdoor picnics, barbecues, and parties should also protect themselves from the sun by wearing a hat and sunscreen and looking for a shady place to sit.

Boost The Immune System with In-Home Care Assistance

There’s really no way to avoid getting germs that is 100% effective. But seniors can do things to boost their immune systems so that if they do get sick their bodies will be able to fight off the illness fast. Eating a lot of healthy vegetables, making sure to get enough Vitamin C, and exercising daily will give seniors an immune system boost and make it easier for them to avoid getting sick. Having in-home care providers would help with these protections. Seniors that do get sick despite all their precautions should make sure that they rest because once a senior gets sick getting enough rest will make their recovery quicker.

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