Homecare: Best Oral Care Tips for Senior Citizens

Homecare: Dental health issues are quite common in elderly people.

As people get older, they may have trouble sticking to a dental care routine. If they aren’t properly caring for their teeth, bleeding, gum inflammation, and tooth decay can occur. It can be easier than it seems for you and home care providers to help your elderly loved one with their oral care. If needed, you can get homecare assistance for your elderly loved one every day – even if you only want them to help with hygiene-related tasks.

Homecare in Stoneham MA: Dental Care
Homecare in Stoneham MA: Dental Care


Eating Foods with Vitamin C

Research shows that aging gums are more sensitive to flossing and brushing. Sometimes, senior citizens experience pain in doing these tasks. Due to this fact, it is important that you or senior care providers help your elderly loved one. One of the ways you can do this is by adding more foods with vitamin C into their diet. This vitamin is vital to reducing gum inflammation and other oral health issues. If your elderly loved one has gum disease, they should avoid eating citrus foods to get their vitamin C.

Mouth Rinsing Throughout the Day

Your elderly loved one might not be able to floss or brush their teeth after all the meals. However, there are other ways they can take care of their oral health. One of the best ways to do this is by rinsing their mouth with a cup of water after eating. This can help to get food particles and bacteria out of their mouth. If your elderly loved one does this regularly, they can lower their risk of oral health issues. You or elderly care providers may need to remind your loved one to do this until they make it a habit.

Eating More Apples

Everyone already knows they should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. However, if your elderly loved one needs to take better care of their oral health, eating more apples can help. Crunchy fruits can help encourage blood flow to gums. By doing this, your elderly loved one can reduce the risk of gum infections. If your elderly loved one has dentures and they can’t eat apples whole, you or a home care provider can cut the apple up for them.

Homecare: Conclusion

Do you want to help your elderly loved ones improve their oral care health? If so, there are many oral care tips that can help with this. Make sure you share the tips you read here today with your elderly loved one. If needed, you can get your loved one home care assistance services. The homecare providers can also remind them to follow through with these tips until they make them habits.

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