What Conditions Can Home Health Care Help Your Senior Manage?

Home health care services are a special type of service that offers a variety of ways to treat a huge array of health issues for your elderly family member. Whether your senior’s health concerns are chronic or acute, there’s a type of assistance that can help her to have what she needs in order to manage her health appropriately.

Home Health Care Everett MA - What Conditions Can Home Health Care Help Your Senior Manage?
Home Health Care Everett MA – What Conditions Can Home Health Care Help Your Senior Manage?


Uncontrolled diabetes can cause serious complications for your elderly family member’s health. Staying on top of symptoms and blood sugar levels is crucial in order to protect your senior’s health as much as you can. Home health care services understand what your senior needs in order to keep diabetes in check. They can help with daily testing and ensuring that your senior is sticking to her care plan as closely as she should.


Respiratory illnesses like COPD really take a lot out of your elderly family member. That’s because her entire body needs oxygen in order to function properly, and respiratory illnesses make breathing much more difficult. Staying alert to what’s happening can ensure that your senior gets medical attention when she needs it.


If your elderly family member has dementia, she may not always be able to share with you what she needs. Home health care services have a lot of different tools available to keep your family member as healthy as possible. Physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy can all work together to ensure your senior’s quality of life is as high as it can be.


Another condition that takes a lot out of your senior is cancer. There are many different types of cancer and lots of ways to treat it. Having someone there with your elderly family member who can monitor her vital signs and symptoms can help immensely when it comes to helping her to recover.

Post-Surgical Care

After surgery, there is usually a lot going on for your elderly family member. There’s managing the care of the surgical site and watching for signs of infection as well as helping your elderly family member to heal. Home health care is able to work with your elderly family member’s doctors and ensure that she’s recovering as well as possible.

Heart Conditions

All sorts of heart conditions ranging from heart failure to stroke or heart attack require specialized care. Lots of people who have heart conditions also experience mental health challenges, like depression and anxiety, because of their health. Home health care providers help them to stay on top of what’s happening with their health.

Chronic or Serious Illnesses

There are lots of different serious acute and chronic illnesses that your elderly family member could be battling, too. Home health care can assist with these types of illnesses usually by managing medications and keeping track of symptoms and signs of trouble. For chronic health conditions, working with different therapists can greatly improve her quality of life.

Keeping your elderly family member as healthy and as safe as possible sometimes means leaning on some extra help.

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