What Are the Six C’s in Care?

Have you ever heard of the six C’s in health and social care? When your dad needs your help or the help of nurses, it’s important to pay attention to how well these six Cs are being addressed, and how you can make sure family caregivers and the home health care aides also follow them to ensure your dad has quality care.

The Six C’s in Health and Social Care

Home Health Care Woburn MA - What Are the Six C's in Care?
Home Health Care Woburn MA – What Are the Six C’s in Care?

Britain’s NHS established the six C’s of health and social care to use as guidance when anyone is caring for another. These six guidelines are used around the world to help set standards for patient and client care. They are:

  • Care: Care should be consistent and timely.
  • Commitment: Once a care plan is established, all steps need to be taken to ensure the care is consistent and complete.
  • Communication: Communication between a client, family member, and nurse is important. Clients need to feel empowered to speak up if something is wrong or if they have questions.
  • Compassion: Nurses and family caregivers need to be compassionate and put themselves in the client’s shoes to ensure their feelings are considered and addressed appropriately.
  • Competence: Nurses and family members need to be competent in their roles. If a family member doesn’t believe they’re capable of doing a specific task, they need to bring in a professional.
  • Courage: If something isn’t working, nurses and family members need to be willing to speak up and demand a changed approach.

While these guidelines were designed for nurses, they’re a good way to ensure the help you offer your dad is quality care. It’s not always easy to help a parent. It’s hard for them to rely on a child, and it’s hard for you to see your dad in a weakened state.

How Do You Ensure You’re Also Focused on Them?

As you address your dad’s care needs, how do you stay focused on him? Being a family caregiver is hard enough, but when he needs medical care services, it’s extra challenging. You need to make sure you’re capable of doing things that are medical in nature.

Talk to his medical team about his care needs going forward. The more information you have, the better it is for him. You need to have a care plan laid out and determine what supplies are needed, and what’s already in his home.

Your dad had surgery and needs to have his temperature taken to ensure he doesn’t have a fever. He needs someone to pay attention to the spacing between doses of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. You’re comfortable doing that.

But, you’re not sure you can help him change bandages over his incisions. You’re squeamish and just can’t handle that. It’s okay to know your limits and ask for help with those tasks. Home health care nurses are an important aspect of your dad’s recovery.

Home health care services protect your dad’s care needs when he’s sick. Talk to our specialist in home health care and get more information, answers to your questions, and current prices. You’ll have all of the information you need to book services for your dad.

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