Home Health Care: Senior Citizens Can Manage Arthritis – Here is How

Home Health Care: Arthritis is a difficult condition.

Not every treatment will work for everyone. If your elderly loved one has arthritis, is important to talk to them about it. They could be in a lot of pain or have difficulty moving around. The good news is that many senior citizens can manage their arthritis with various techniques and lifestyle changes. A home health care provider can also help with this. Some of the tips that may be able to help your elderly loved one are noted here today.


Home Health Care in Melrose MA: Arthritis
Home Health Care in Melrose MA: Arthritis


Morning Exercise

One method is managing arthritis is exercising in the morning. Since most people who struggle with arthritis have more difficulties in the morning, due to tense muscles and increased joint pain, exercising as early as possible after waking up can help a lot.

You or a 24-hour home care provider could go to your elderly loved one’s house in the morning. Then, you can help them to follow along to YouTube video workouts or help them customize a workout plan that is best for them.

Weight Management

Does your elderly loved one need to lose some weight? Studies show that people who are overweight often have worse arthritis symptoms if they have this condition. The extra weight adds tension and pressure onto their joints, back, and neck which makes the pain worse.

There are many ways that you and 24-hour home care providers can help your elderly loved one to lose weight. There are exercise programs, supplements, nutritional drinks, and other dieting changes they can make. Getting better sleep can help them a lot, too.

Adding Fatty Acids to Their Diet

Another great option for managing arthritis and relieving pain and inflammation is to add more fatty acids to the diet. If your elderly loved one won’t likely do this on their own, you or a home care provider can make their meals or tell them what to make.

Research shows that fatty acids should be a foundation of anyone’s diet. However, people with arthritis should definitely be eating fatty acids every day. With the reduced inflammation, your elderly loved one shouldn’t be in as much pain. This means they can move around easier and do more of what they enjoy.


Senior citizens can manage arthritis. If your elderly loved one has this condition, you or home health care providers can help them to manage it. Be sure you are sharing all these tips with your elderly loved one. It could help them to be in less pain by reducing the inflammation around their joints, in their back, and in their neck.


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