Hire Home Health Care Services for Your Dad’s MS Care

Your dad has MS, and you know of his challenges. What you’re not sure about is how you help him when you live on the other side of the country. Have you looked into home health care services?

What Is Home Health Care?

Home Health Care Melrose MA - Hire Home Health Care Services for Your Dad's MS Care
Home Health Care Melrose MA – Hire Home Health Care Services for Your Dad’s MS Care

Home health care is a service where skilled nurses, dietitians, and therapists come to their patients’ homes instead of making patients go to the hospital or medical office. Instead of taking a day off, driving your dad to his appointments, and waiting for him there, the trained professionals come to him.

There are a few reasons this is helpful. First, your dad is in a comfortable, familiar setting. He’s at home, where he’s less likely to be stressed. Second, you don’t have to take a day off from work. Finally, you’re not trained to help your dad with many of the care needs he has, and you may find it uncomfortable trying to help him.

When you spend time with your dad, you’re not trying to push him into doing his exercises. You’re there to do the activities he loves, such as working in his gardens, going out to eat, or taking a drive by the shore.

What Does His Care Plan Look Like?

There’s no cure for MS, so your dad’s medical team will work with him to find ways to manage the flare-ups of troubling symptoms and slow the disease’s progression. Prescription medications to ease inflammation are common. Sometimes, those medications are given through an IV.

If your dad is told that IV medications may be best, he can avoid trips to a clinic by working with a home health care nurse. The nurse can set up an IV in the comfort of his bedroom or living room.

As the disease progresses, injectable medications are often used. Again, instead of heading to a medical clinic for these injections, have a home health care nurse administer them at home. Your dad’s doctor works with the skilled nurse to ensure the treatment plan is adapted as your dad’s needs change.

Your dad will work with a physical therapist to stay as mobile as possible. Keeping the muscles and joints strong requires work, but it’s important for your dad to complete these exercises. A physical therapist can come to his home for these sessions.

Call our specialist in home health care services to learn more. You’ll discuss your dad’s strengths and weaknesses, the things he needs most as he navigates the disease, and how to arrange services that support him as he aims to remain independent.

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