Home Health Care: Four Tips for Helping Your Senior Recover from Knee Surgery

Home Health Care: Whether she knew it was coming or it was a surprise, knee surgery can take a lot out of your senior.

It can also make staying in her own home more difficult than she expects unless recovery goes well. Surgery of any type is invasive, so it’s a good idea for you and you’re senior to put together a plan that works for her. Home Health Care can be a good resource for you now.

Home Health Care in Everett MA: Knee Surgery Recovery
Home Health Care in Everett MA: Knee Surgery Recovery


Set Some Safety Guidelines

Safety is always key for your elderly family member, but it’s especially important after knee surgery. If your elderly family member does wear shoes, make sure that they’re supportive and have a low heel or none at all. Make sure to remove all clutter and anything else from the floor that might become a tripping hazard. Putting up handrails is also a good idea.

Encourage Rest

Your senior’s doctor will give her a list of things she needs to know after surgery, and part of that list is going to include how much rest she should be getting. Having the ability to recover after something like surgery is so important. It’s a great time for your senior to catch up with her favorite show or to start digging into that pile of books she’s been wanting to read. If your elderly family member overdoes it, that can really hinder recovery.

Do Recommended Exercises

On the other hand, it’s also important that your senior uses her knee somewhat while it’s healing. The best way to do this is with the right exercises that can help your senior to get stronger as she’s healing. Physical therapy at home is a huge part of recovering because the assistance that physical therapy offers is tailored to your senior’s specific needs.

Stay Alert for Signs of Trouble

It’s also vital to stay aware of signs of problems. Signs of infection in particular are important not to overlook. The sooner your senior is able to get an infection under control, the better. Having home health care providers available can help you and your senior to feel more comfortable knowing that there is experienced help right there.

Every person’s healing journey after something as big as knee surgery is going to be different, but knowing the general plan helps so much. It’s also really helpful to have options like physical therapy at home to address challenges your senior faces while she’s recovering. Healing is hard work and anything that can assist in making that easier is something to prioritize.

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