Homecare: How to Help a Senior With Fatigue?

Homecare: Tiredness and exhaustion are among the concerns that all of us experience owing to hectic job schedules, but you may have the same sensation during a relaxing day.

Aging is one factor that causes weariness, and most seniors feel weary all day long. Unfortunately, the elderly generally neglect exhaustion, and their tiredness comes from different other concerns. If you or your home care provider start to notice that your senior is feeling tired all the time, it may be time to talk to them about seeing their doctors.


Home Care in Waltham MA: Fatigue
Home Care in Waltham MA: Fatigue


If your parents have not yet switched from a regular doctor to a geriatrician, it may be time to do so.

Often, it takes multiple people and an entire team to keep a senior healthy and living longer. They may need the help of senior home care providers to age in place longer, geriatricians to help diagnose certain things, and family members who can support them throughout this journey.

Fatigue is a state of lethargy or a deficiency of energy. It may arise as a result of anemia. Anemia is a condition in which the red blood cell count is abnormally low. As a result, the body must work harder to provide the required oxygen to the cells. As a consequence, seniors may experience increased strain on their bodies, which may result in weariness. Unfortunately, even if you notice fatigue other diseases can cause it to happen as well making it really hard to diagnose. Seniors should see their doctor for regular checkups. If they have stopped going because they can no longer get to their appointments, it is time to look at senior home care providers to help out your seniors. They may be able to help your seniors thrive alone.

The Different Types of Fatigue

Believe it or not, there are two different types of fatigue to note. Not all are the same, and some may affect seniors more than others. Speaking to a doctor about fatigue can help a senior understand which type they’re feeling and how to fix the problem.

Physical Fatigue

Physical tiredness may make it difficult for the elderly to carry out regular duties. This disease needs more rest to aid the body’s recovery. This form of weariness puts the elderly in danger, since physical exhaustion may result in the individual losing control and falling. Additionally, it creates difficulties with movement coordination.

Mental Fatigue

This is a more severe kind of exhaustion, and rest alone may not be sufficient to restore the body. Mental exhaustion results in decreased attention and focus and, in certain circumstances, forgetfulness. This kind of weariness may emotionally impact the elderly, making them cranky. Depression is another consequence of mental exhaustion.

How to Fight Fatigue

Ignoring the symptoms of fatigue is not the smart thing to do. In fact, it can make the fatigue worse. Instead of ignoring it, the seniors should go to their doctor to find out more information. If you hire a senior home care specialist they may be able to help keep the senior on track when it comes to fighting fatigue. Seniors should try exercising regularly, doing hydrotherapy, sleeping adequately, losing weight, and eating healthy.


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