Knee Pain: How Can Your Dad Stay Active?

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It’s caused by wear and tear on a joint over the years. Approximately 10% of men aged 60 or older will experience osteoarthritis in one or both knees. That can greatly impact mobility. When arthritis pain limits your dad’s mobility, what can you do? How do you help him ease the pain he’s experiencing and stay active? Have you considered hiring home care assistance providers to help him?

Home Care Assistance Waltham MA - Knee Pain: How Can Your Dad Stay Active?
Home Care Assistance Waltham MA – Knee Pain: How Can Your Dad Stay Active?

When your dad is experiencing arthritis in the knees, it makes it harder to go up and down the stairs. He might struggle to stand up after sitting or get out of bed. Even walking can become a problem if the pain is bad enough.

Your dad has knee arthritis, and it’s impacting his independence. He cannot step over the side of the bathtub to take a shower. He cannot walk up the stairs to his bedroom. He can’t stand and cook his meals. He’s relying on you to do all of this, and you can’t find the time to help him as much as he needs.

Get Him Up and Walking

It may seem counterproductive, but the key to easing arthritis pain is by staying mobile. He needs to get up and go for walks every day. He should aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day.

If he cannot handle a half-hour walk, break it up into three 10-minute walks instead. If walking is causing too much pain, look into community pools. He’ll be more buoyant in the water, which is ideal for easing the strain on a joint. Bike riding is another option.

You or his Home Care Assistance Aides can Join Him for Walks

When your dad does go for walks, join him. If he has company on the walk, he’s more likely to walk farther. He may also appreciate having someone to hold onto for support if the pain increases.

When you’re out walking, look for routes that will intrigue your dad enough that he wants to keep exploring. Instead of a walk around his neighborhood, go to a local garden and look for birds or butterflies. Walk along a lake and watch the wildlife.

Get Him a Cane

If your dad’s joint pain is especially challenging when he’s walking, invest in a cane. He’ll have a little support while he walks around. The cane helps him stay supported as he takes each step.

Schedule Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapists work with your dad to strengthen his knee joints and manage the pain when it does flare up. They will show him the proper way to use a cane or even have him switch to a walker if that’s going to offer more support. Have him attend physical therapy sessions to get him more active and able to complete more of his daily tasks independently.


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