Heat-Related Health Issues: Talk About Summer’s Heat and Humidity With Your Parents

Heat-Related Health Issues: Senior care services are one way to prevent heat-related health issues from occurring.

It’s important to talk to your parents about these increased risks during summer. These are the questions you should ask for heat-related health issues and the steps they should be taking to stay safe when it’s hot outside.


Senior Care in Woburn MA: Heat-Related Health Issues
Senior Care in Woburn MA: Heat-Related Health Issues


Do They Have Working Air Conditioning Installed?

Does the air conditioning work? Has it been installed yet? If not, install it before the hot weather moves in. If it’s not working, call an HVAC technician to get it serviced. If it needs replacement, get quotes and see if the replacement is feasible.


How Old Is Their Sunscreen?

Check their sunscreen’s expiration date. It does expire and loses its effectiveness. If it’s past the date, purchase new sunscreen. Look for a broad-spectrum formula to ensure they have protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Some sunscreen formulas use chemicals, and others use minerals. Some states with beaches require mineral-based sunscreens to help protect reefs in the ocean. Make sure the sunscreen matches local codes.


How Much Should They Drink When It’s Hot?

Kidney issues and congestive heart failure are both reasons your mom or dad would be taking diuretics. If that’s the case, your parents must carefully monitor their water intake. Your family needs to know how much your mom or dad needs to drink without drinking too much.

If they’re active and sweat a lot, they need to drink extra water to make up for the water they’ve lost by sweating. Ideally, a person wants to drink two or three liters per day, but it’s always important to ask the doctor if there are chronic health conditions.

Learn the signs of dehydration. Dizziness, a dry mouth and lips, dark-colored urine, and excessive thirst are signs. If it worsens, muscle cramps, nausea, and heart palpitations are signs of worsening dehydration.


Do They Have an Emergency Plan in Place for Power Outages?

If there’s an extended power outage, what’s your mom and dad’s emergency plan? If they’re on a well rather than city water, they need power for the well pump to draw water from the well and move it into the house. They won’t have water, fans, or air conditioning until power is restored.

They may want to have a generator that they can set up outside away from windows. They won’t always power the entire house, but a generator may allow them to run a small AC unit in one room. They need to make sure enough water is saved up for drinking.

Summer temperatures have already hit in some regions. Keep your parents safe by making sure they’re supported at home. Senior care agencies can send a caregiver to your parents to help them dress appropriately for the weather, make sure they drink plenty of water and supervise the amount of time they’re outside in the sun.

Those are just a few ways for senior care aides to help out in the summer with heat-related health issues. Call an agency and talk to a specialist to learn more.


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