Some Critical Signs It’s Time to Discuss Elder Care Options with an Aging Parent

It may not be at the top of your list of topics to discuss with an aging parent, but when it comes to elder care, it is vital.

You may not really know when the time is right to talk about elder care, and you certainly don’t want to offend your elderly mother or father by talking about it prematurely.

Elderly Care in Medford MA: Elder Care Options
Elderly Care in Medford MA: Elder Care Options


However, it can be extremely critical for those seniors who are struggling with certain tasks of everyday life, who are dealing with chronic health issues, or who are facing other challenges.

Below are a few critical signs that it is time to talk about elder care, even if the senior doesn’t agree at this time or doesn’t feel he or she is ready for it. The more you talk about it early on, the more comfortable it can be for the senior when he or she truly needs to make this type of decision.

Critical Sign #1: They are asking for more help.

If your mother calls you more and more frequently asking you to stop by and help her with different things throughout the day, and these are things she used to be able to do without any support, that’s a pretty good sign elder care is a topic to discuss as soon as possible.

When an elderly loved one asks more and more for help, it usually means certain things are becoming more challenging. That also means she is at an elevated risk of being injured in some kind of mishap or accident.

Don’t wait for her to continue asking for more help or until she slips and falls before bringing up the topic of elder care.


Critical Sign #2: They are losing their balance.

If you notice your mother losing her balance more frequently lately, even though she denies any such problem, that’s a pretty good indicator it’s time to talk about elder care.

People are often defensive when it comes to the elder care options topic because they don’t want to see themselves as helpless or in need of this kind of support. Yet, if you ignore the key warning signs that she is having difficulty maintaining her balance, even just while getting up from a seated position, that means there is an increased risk she could fall and be seriously injured.

Critical Sign #3: Their health issues are mounting.

Whenever an aging senior’s health is in decline, that means their health issues are increasing. As a result, more support, more care, and more regular monitoring can be an incredibly beneficial thing for the months and years ahead.

This aging senior in your life may not want to talk about elder care options, but that’s why you need to step up and do it. That doesn’t mean they will agree to it, but the more you talk about it, the more you understand it, and the better you can explain the benefits of it, the more likely they will choose elder care when it is truly needed.

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