Elderly Care: Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Seniors Prevent Cancer

Elderly Care: February is National Cancer Prevention Month.

That makes February a fantastic time for seniors and their caregivers to learn more about how seniors can prevent cancer. Of course not every type of cancer is preventable. But seniors, who are the age group most often diagnosed with cancer, can take steps that will lower their risk of developing some kinds of cancer. And if some small lifestyle changes can help prevent cancer why not make those changes? A few of the things that seniors  and their elderly care providers should do in order to lower their risk of getting some cancers are:


Elderly Care in Stoneham MA: Cancer
Elderly Care in Stoneham MA: Cancer


Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things that anyone can do when it comes to health. There’s no reason to smoke and there are dozens of reasons not to smoke, including cancer prevention. Sometimes seniors who have smoked for a long time think it’s not worth it to quit because they think it’s too late to reverse the damage caused by smoking. But it’s always worth it to quit smoking no matter what age your senior loved one is or how long they have smoked. The body will start to reverse the effects of smoking starting as soon as a few days after your senior loved one quits.

Exercise Daily

Exercise has so many benefits that seniors shouldn’t need another reason to exercise every day but cancer prevention is a great extra reason to start exercising. Seniors who exercise daily can significantly lower their chance of developing some kinds of cancers. If your senior loved one has a difficult time getting motivated to exercise an elderly care services provider can be a good motivator to get your senior parent off the couch and out the door for a walk.

Get Regular Cancer Screenings

Sometimes cancer has no symptoms until it’s too late for the cancer to be treated. And some cancers can be cured if they are caught early. That’s why it’s essential for seniors to get regular cancer screenings. Cancer screenings and blood tests can find cancer while it’s still possible to treat it and help seniors live longer and have better qualify of life. Seniors who struggle to get to cancer screenings because they no longer can drive can use car-sharing services or have an elderly care services provider help them arrange transportation. Don’t put off potentially life-saving cancer screenings.

Elderly Care: Take The Right Supplements

Taking supplements can help boost the immune system which can help the body fight cancer. Supplements like Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids can play important roles in cancer prevention. Talk with your senior loved one’s doctor to find out more about supplements for seniors and what supplements might help your senior loved one. It’s important to get advice from a doctor on what supplements your senior loved one should take so that there’s no reaction between the supplements and whatever medication your senior loved one is already taking.

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