Defeat Diabetes Month and Your Senior

National Defeat Diabetes Month happens every April. If you and your aging family member haven’t talked about all of the ways that she might work toward having her diabetes under better control, this month might be the time you want to change that. Sit down and have a conversation with your elderly family member and possibly your home care provider about her goals regarding diabetes so that you can help her to make the best possible choices for her well-being.


Home Care in Melrose MA: Diabetes
Home Care in Melrose MA: Diabetes


Ignoring Diabetes Worsens Age-related Issues

Blood sugar levels that are even only a little bit on the higher end can have a big impact on your senior’s health. Joint problems, cognitive difficulties, vision trouble, and more that are all exacerbated by your senior’s aging are harder to manage when her blood sugar is out of control. Keeping blood sugar levels in recommended ranges can help your senior to feel better than she might expect.

Nutrition Really Does Make a Difference

Lots of people feel as if dietary changes don’t really matter when it comes to diabetes. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Eating healthy meals made up of whole foods gives your senior’s body what it needs to be healthier in every respect, but also in terms of her blood sugar levels. Read nutritional labels and help your senior to understand portion sizes and how swapping out healthier choices can affect her blood sugar.

Exercise Also Helps

If her doctor is okay with your senior becoming more active, she should definitely do so. Exercise is healthy for her heart, but it’s also a great way to keep blood sugar levels where they should be. The key is for your senior to find exercise that she enjoys and to stick with it. Consistency is going to be what helps her the most.

Tracking Blood Sugar Levels Is Easier with Help

Whether the process of checking her blood sugar is intimidating or your senior just doesn’t remember to do it, having help could be the answer. Home care providers make the job of remembering to track sugar levels easier and a lot safer, too. Caregivers can assist your elderly family member in keeping track of those numbers and sharing that information wherever necessary.

Assistance Can Help Keep Your Senior’s Doctors in the Loop

Another big way that home care providers can assist with diabetes management for your senior is by making sure that all of that data is easy to send to her doctor. When your senior’s doctor has all the information they need, they’re better able to formulate a care plan that encompasses all of your senior’s needs. That can help your senior to be that much closer to defeating her diabetes.

Staying on top of your senior’s needs around diabetes and other health issues is hard to do. It’s a lot easier to help her to manage these big health issues when you know she’s in good hands. That’s even more important when you can’t be there with her as much as you might want to be.

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