Creating a Self-Care Plan for Seniors

Having a personalized self-care routine can help a senior thrive while they age in place. As a senior, they may not think about self-care and they may not think it is important. However, practicing self-care is crucial for everyone and that includes seniors who want to live alone or even those who need help from senior home care. If your loved one needs more help around the house and putting themselves first, they need to think about hiring senior home care providers because they will help your loved one thrive and develop a self-care routine that allows your senior to flourish and feel good.

Understanding a Self-Care Plan

Senior Home Care Melrose MA - Creating a Self-Care Plan for Seniors
Senior Home Care Melrose MA – Creating a Self-Care Plan for Seniors

Not everyone knows what a self-care plan is, and this is something that may be completely new to a senior who has always put their families first. Simply put, this is just a plan to treat yourself kindly as you age and learn to put yourself first. It can seem simple but after a life of raising kids and having a partner, it can feel weird to put yourself first. It may even seem selfish for a senior, but this is going to help them live longer and healthier, while they age at home. A senior’s overall well-being is so crucial and it is something that senior home care can help your loved one focus on. Here are some ways your senior loved one can develop a self-care plan.

Don’t Start With Massive Changes

Starting small can have a huge impact whether or not your senior loved one realizes it. Senior home care can help your loved one focus on smaller goals that lead to huge life changes. Any new habit needs to be attainable and something your loved one can do every day without thinking about it. A massive change won’t help your loved one feel confident or they may not be able to stick with a habit long-term. Starting small means your loved one can build on that one habit and it will lead to them being first in their own lives.

Ensure It’s Activities They Enjoy

The best way a senior can put themselves first is by doing things they enjoy. This means if they love gardening, walking, reading, or anything else, it can be part of their daily routine and self-care for them. They should be doing things that give them joy because that is one of the perks of being retired and aging in place. For the first time, they have the freedom to choose what they want to do, when they want to do it, and put themselves first. It is a beautiful thing that not enough seniors take advantage of.

Keep Reflecting

After a senior builds up several habits, have them sit and reflect on them. Are they good? Bad? Is there anything they want to add and change? Having self-check-in moments are going to be crucial when building a self-care plan. Many seniors will find that once they start putting themselves first their lives become better and their quality of life goes up immensely.

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