Caregiver Health: Challenges and Solutions to Family Caregiving

Caregiver Health: You can’t stop your parents from getting older.

You can chip in and help out when they’re struggling to do things independently. That’s why so many family members do volunteer to help out when their parents need it. Be sure to consider you’re caregiver health and don’t overdo it.

Caregiver Health: Caregiver Tips
Caregiver Health: Caregiver Tips

Family caregiving is one of the most loving acts a son or daughter, grandchild, etc., can do for an elderly adult.

Yet, it can also be one of the most stressful. Don’t enter into family caregiving without realizing you may encounter some challenges along the way. Most of the common difficulties also have easy solutions.

Your Parents Don’t Want Your Help

Even though they need help, many older adults are reluctant to admit it. You may need to convince your parents that they’re not a burden to you.

If they’re particularly reluctant, it helps to have them help you in return. While you do the laundry, you could ask your dad to help out by getting your son a snack. While you vacuum, your mom could take the dog out for a quick walk around the yard.

Your Siblings Won’t Help Out

One of the most common issues is to have other family members criticize how you help, yet they never help out at all. If that happens, remember that it happens in many families. Make it clear to the family member that they’re welcome to help out if they feel they could do a better job. Usually, that ends those irritating comments.

You may find that your brother or sister doesn’t know how to help. In that situation, have them help out for a day. They’ll get a feel for what needs to be done and where they’re most comfortable helping. Accept their help when it’s offered.

Caregiver Health: You’re Not Taking Breaks

It’s pretty typical for family caregivers to do so much to help others that they lose track of their own care needs. If you’ve been helping your parents with housework and meals every weekend, stop and think about the last time you had a weekend with nothing to do?

You work Monday through Friday and spend all of Saturday and Sunday taking your parents’ shopping, cleaning their house, doing their laundry, changing sheets and towels, and cooking a week’s worth of meals for them. You’re going to burn out.

Respite care is an essential senior care service in your case. Professional caregivers help out with some of the chores on your list. That frees up time to have a day to yourself where you can sleep late, watch movies, read a book, or do something else that you enjoy to maintain good caregiver health. Call to arrange caregivers today.

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