Alzheimer’s Care and What It Does For Seniors

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s have a special set of needs that are different than the needs of other seniors. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t age in place and stay home surrounded by the spaces and things they love. In fact, there are some big benefits to aging in place for seniors with Alzheimer’s. But because of their unique needs, seniors who have Alzheimer’s and are aging in place really need specialized Alzheimer’s care services.

Alzheimer’s care, designed to meet the needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s at all stages of their journey, will provide the support that seniors with Alzheimer’s and their families need such as:

Compassionate Care

Alzheimer's Care Everett MA - Alzheimer’s Care and What It Does For Seniors
Alzheimer’s Care Everett MA – Alzheimer’s Care and What It Does For Seniors

Alzheimer’s can manifest in some strange symptoms and behaviors that only a caregiver who has been trained in Alzheimer’s care will understand or know how to deal with. Caregivers that work with seniors who have Alzheimer’s provide compassionate care for seniors knowing that their behaviors that might seem odd are really rooted in what is taking place in their own minds as a result of the Alzheimer’s. Your senior parent will get understanding compassionate care from professionals that have experience working with seniors who have Alzheimer’s. They understand the different symptoms associated with this condition and how best to work with them.


Seniors with Alzheimer’s often wander and put themselves in danger unknowingly. They also may become angry or belligerent when they don’t understand something. But caregivers who are experienced in caring for people with Alzheimer’s understand these behaviors and know how to keep seniors safe. They will use their training and experience to keep seniors from wandering and redirect them when necessary. And they are trained to recognize physical symptoms like hunger or thirst or fatigue which can make seniors belligerent. Often seniors with Alzheimer’s are unable to voice their needs like needing to eat or drink, but once those needs are met they are no longer angry or belligerent.


As caregivers work with seniors who have Alzheimer’s they are providing constant mental enrichment which can help seniors retain their cognitive skills longer. With conversations, activities, crafts, and exercises caregivers who focus on Alzheimer’s care are doing everything that they can to help seniors with Alzheimer’s stay as sharp as possible mentally. Seniors aging in place benefit quite a bit from hours of daily enrichment through Alzheimer’s care. It can make a big difference when it comes to managing or even slowing down the disease.

Alzheimer’s Care Provides Respite Care

When family caregivers need a break Alzheimer’s care providers can step in to give them that break along with some peace of mind. Family caregivers can take a few days off, go on vacation, or take care of their own needs knowing that their senior loved one is being well-taken care of by someone that understands Alzheimer’s and how it affects seniors. Respite care is available for a day, a few hours, or as much time as family caregivers need to make sure that they are taking care of their own needs.

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